We may be passionate about what we do, and we may be good at it, but sometimes what gives us that good fuzzy feeling is giving back to those in need.

Charitable causes are of great concern to our management, as we believe that one receives when one gives back. It is therefore that we have become apart of some charitable causes and organisations in need of donations and support.

Whether we give our time or monetary donations, all charitable organisations are always in need, be it financially, support or assistance. We therefore strive to help and assist, not only one another, but to help and provide assistance with those around us too.


Hearts for Horses in Pietermaritzburg sits on the outskirts of the city. Their main aim is to provide foster care for horses who have been neglected.

The organisation ensures that all foster care horses are treated with care, respect and love.

All foster care horses have full access to proper veterinary and basic care such as regular Ferrier visits, parasite control and necessary vaccinations, chiropractors and dental care. Of course, all of this comes at a cost. Although most of these service providers are able to do this at a reduced rate, they still require funds in order to ensure that these services and treatments are given to the horses in need of care.

Training programs are provided to each horse to help them realise their full potential and address the scars that cruelty and neglect has left on their lives. Training programmes are not only for the horses, but also for individuals, teaching individuals and groups basic horsemanship and groundwork required, as well as how to care for and maintain a horse.

They also invite groups and individuals to visit their facility to see first hand the impact of our organisation on the lives of the abused and neglected horses.

A full record of each horse is kept and given to the horse rescue centres when the horses are ready for adoption.

Visit Hearts for horses webpage