Meet our team at Que Consolidated. At Que Consolidated we are all about performance and client service. All our staff members are dedicated to providing you with excellent service and excellent results.

All our staff are people, like you and me. Everyday individuals who strive to better themselves daily and work towards a collective goal. You are now able to place a face with the voice and email you liaise with, as well as a brief job description of the key responsibilities that each of our staff members are allocated too.

You are also able to see where we conduct our business, as our clients in other provinces are not as privileged to visit our offices in Pietermaritzburg. The atmosphere is hype and our staff are dedicated. Que Consolidated Head Office is a busy place, as one can see. With the amount of calls we take and make, it creates a busy and encouraging working environment with a very competitive team of people who all enjoy what they do.


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